Yesterday we had the second session of the sales course led by Artur. We want to inform you that the sessions will continue on February 13. You can see a short outline of the course below, as well, as the introduction lecture.

“Sell Yourself”

Session I – Intro

  • Course Introduction
    • Selling yourself – building self-esteem and confidence
    • Case Studies – Brian Tracy, Grant Cardone, “Boiler Room”, “The Wolf of
  • Wall Street”, Conversations on the phone, Meetings, Public Speaking
  • What to expect from this course
    • Fun, confidence building, sales knowledge

Session II

  • Brian Tracy – Calm, confident speech
    • Brian Tracy – quick history
    • Importance of speaking clearly and calmly
    • Hand gestures – communication tool
    • Importance of goal setting – case study (Video material)

Session III

  • Grant Cardone
    • Summary of Grant Cardone
    • Aggressive tactics – pushing your point
    • Controlling the conversation
    • Establishing a strong persona
    • Being in control of your speech – case study (YouTube)

Session IV

  • Boiler Room
    • Deception in selling – good’s and bad’s
    • How to become a pro speaker/seller in anything
    • Quick on the feet – how to keep your party interested
    • Close your lead – Case study (Practical task – group work)

Session V

  • Wolf of Wall Street
    • Motivating your audience – tips & tricks
    • Make people value your opinion through passion
    • Being a leader through speech influence
    • Speak to inspire – case study (speech task)

Session VI

  • Conversations of the Phone
    • How to sound confident and persuasive on the phone
    • Importance of voice – tone, accent, underlining
    • Closing on the phone
    • ITN (My previous work), Selling airline tickets – Case study (Brainstorm)

Session VII

  • Meetings
    • Talking like a pro – academic speech
    • Importance of manners – know your opponent
    • Research before you speak – cultural and ethical implications
    • Debate to win – Case study (team debate)

Session VIII

  • Public speaking
    • You need to look good as well – appearance, posture, gestures
    • Your voice as a weapon – convincing speech
    • Final summary – what we learned & how to applicate it
    • Final speech – Case study (Individual assignment)